Pay Per Click


Who will benefit from by this article?

1. Owners of startup companies 2. Newborn successors of old organizations 3. Entrepreneurs of production based companies 4. Digital marketing company employees 5. Digital marketing fresher & freelancers 6. ANYONE who wants to increase their success rate

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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People often think what are the efficient ways to attract the most relevant traffic to their website without having to pay much for the advertisement. To give you the solution, let me take you on tour of a reliable way to get spotted on internet without paying much.

Advertisement is the best way to let people know what exactly you have in your basket for them. They will visit to your website only when you could be able to catch their eye when they google for the relevant product. But it’s really costly to go for broadcasting advertisement to reach out more and more people to our website to buy our product. That’s when PPC comes in to the picture.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click.
There is huge part of buyers who seeks the information on internet before buying any product, technology or goods. If that particular user want something related to your product then it is really necessary for him to visit your website and view the product you are selling. Given bellow are few of the website we can use to promote our product:

  • AdWords from google
  • Yahoo!/Bing Ads from Microsoft
  • Amazon Product Ads
  • Bidvertiser
  • Facebook paid ads

Now, the interesting part comes where you have to pay to them only & only when user clicks on your ad. By using PPC we pay only for those users who could be a potential buyer of your product. Which serves the purpose of PPC by saving your overall money which we put in traditional advertisements.

1.Keep Researching:

Research is a crucial & still the most important part of business in competition point of view. Time is the only entity which changes constantly. Hence the crowd, trends, and almost everything. Knowledge of your own product, market, uses, users and time people give for it are the things you need to research before putting any efforts into it. Keep track of your own product, similar products, side products, targeted audience, time, new ways, etc. Continuous research will lead you to right strategy for digital marketing.

2.Chose perfect strategy:

Conversion-Based Strategies, Impression-Based Strategies, Click-Based Strategies, Views or Interaction-Based are the strategies we use in order to become successful in digital marketing. Here, being successful really means that the user should be directed towards buying your product. Ultimately that’s the aim we have set up for us as a team. Conversion rate can be increased if we could use our strategies correctly on targeted audience in targeted time slot.

3.Hit it on time

As a real time business owner you already know what is the exact season to promote your product. Just like you can’t promote an umbrella at starting of a bright summer. Not only the season but also the timeslot of the day matters. It’s again a part of knowledge and research that we need to decide what is the correct time to run you ad on particular platform. Use your domain to choose the correct platform. Running pay per click really pays off; but it does only when you grasp the demand of your product and the media people uses who could buy it from you.

4.Chose the platform wisely

Along with the time to run the add the platform you run your add also plays important role in digital marketing of your product. You need to know about the users who could perhaps seek for your product. Just gather all the information you can about all possible buyers and hit it only were you can see the greater probability. For it we have to choose the platform where we can find our potential customers. Location of your ad decides the visibility of it too. So please make sure to choose correct location.

5.Apply right Bidding methodology

For running the PPC ads we need to think of an methodology. Unlike old days we can now use automation in bidding on keywords. So, here are two types of bidding methodologies:

1. Manual
2. Automated

6.Build a good keyword list

With a solitary keyword promotion gathering, there is just one term of which can trigger an advertisement. Along these lines, you don’t need to make a solid effort to make uncertain advertisements that must apply to a huge number of them. Doing so will give you a superior possibility at improving your quality score. The higher you rank, the lower your pay-per-click. Selecting valuable and catchy keywords makes big difference.

Here is a little suggestion, Do use the negative keywords. Better not leave them blank. They are also important for our marketing.

7.Make the landing page attractive

Last but not the least, the landing page appears. The landing page actually attracts customer to buying the good. Make it completely relevant and focused on the product. Reduce all the distractions and add visual effects. As I told before, the graphic catches our eye more quickly than the plain text.

This is the most basic information the payer has to take in consideration. In order to make your company a brand, use every resource you can. Social media Optimization, Search engine Optimization and not to forget about PPC. Regardless all of it, the organizations can give contract for Branding, Digital marketing, running add, creating official accounts as they are more experienced and a little more updated in virtual world. They also have spent much time thinking about bidding strategies if we consider PPC. We hope this article is useful and is you are interested in PPC and never done it before by yourself, let us do it for you. We are always here to be on your side in your journey to become one of the popular and strongest brands on the globe.