Best Hospital Management System Software

The software developed is a Multispeciality Hospital Management System Software that is designed and developed by Allentics IT Solutions. This software is reliable, easy to use and assures complete security of data. It has been designed keeping in mind today’s complex healthcare system’s requirements and the importance of TIME.


Reception Management

Reception is one of the crucial roles within a hospital that ensures smooth functioning and processes within its system. Whether it is patient registration, inquiry about admitted patients, discharging patients or availability of doctors, amongst others can be recorded and tracked in the system. With Allentics HMS, managing reception would be your only a left-hand job!

Patient Management

In the HMS system, every patient visiting in the hospital will be given a unique patient ID which will be useful in tracking patient visits. In Patient management module, Allentics HMS software has provisioned for patient registration, patients getting admitted or discharged data, data-entry needed to be recorded for patients, booking doctors consultation, room’s availability, bill payment details, patient database search option, amongst many others.

HR & Payroll Management

HR & Payroll Management module covers day to day activities and tasks related to existing employees and new hires. It also keeps a record of human resource activities like employee report, employee shift management, salary slip generation, attendance, leaves record, overtime calculation and so on. The Payroll & Personnel module deals with Pay (and deduction) calculation, printing of salary slip.

Inventory or Store Management

The inventory module spreads across the entire hospital including different wards, OT, pharmacies etc. In this module, all the stock records are maintained. Here we can find information on stocks that are nearing depletion, those exhausted and the ones in abundance. With this module, you can also identify the available quantity of each stock and hence make buying or purchase decisions wisely.

Billing System (OPD/IPD)

This module deals with OPD/IPD billing and collection of details of all the patients in OPD patients and IPD, doctor’s charges, laboratory tests, and services provided on daily basis like room charges, operations, consultation etc.

OPD Management

OPD Management system comes handy when either a new or a repeating patient visits the hospital, a unique new patient ID is automatically allotted and the patient’s record is made with the relevant data. The complete process of OPD and the data captured right from the registration, patient history, patient diagnosis, prescription to lab test reports etc. is stored and managed effectively.

IPD Management

IPD Management system software manages all the Inpatient-Functionalities like patient registration, admission, room allocation, consultation, diet, daily tests and billing with complete visibility that helps in tracking. In this module, all this relevant information is stored and related documents can be printed anytime.

Lab Report Management

In the Lab Queue Management module, lab test reports generated are maintained. This module keeps a track of the lab test report and analysis.

Accounts Management

Account management module controls billing section effectively. It counts the OPD’s and IPDs daily revenue collection. The receipt can be directly imported from OPD and IPD department or the laboratory department.

User Role Management

In this module, role-based security will be provided to the user. Here, various roles are defined like Accountant, Administrator, Clerical Staff, Doctor, House Keeping, Janitorial staff, Lab Technician, Nurse Login, and Receptionist. Each user is assigned to different roles and only the authorized users can get access to the required functions and sensitive data. This way confidentiality of different departments is maintained and only the authorized personnel has access to the information that he/she is privy to.

Doctor’s Appointment and Scheduling

In this module, doctor’s appointment & scheduling will be provided to the patient. There are some features for appointment & scheduling: – Check doctors availability. – Assign time slot to each doctor. – View available time slots and allocate appointments accordingly. – Block / Schedule repeat appointments. – Track appointment arrivals, cancellations etc. – Scheduling appointments for unregistered patients and emergency patients. – Reminders via e-mail, SMS, etc.

Insurance Module

– Record TPA & Insurance details of patients. – Billing to organization, TPA & Insurance companies. – Integration with other modules for discharge summaries and other details. – Provision for cashless hospitalization.

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