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Vintage IT Solutions: Case Study

About the Client

Vintage IT Solution is a trusted online learning partner; that focuses on providing SAP online training that is in-line with today’s business scenario. With tactfully designed courses, Sapvits equip customer to climb the corporate ladder and excel your professional goals.


When SAPVITS approached Allentics for its SEO services, they had a very clear fact: To maintain the best ranking in the SERP’s by constant and out of the case ideas and plans & generate thousands of leads from SMM. There were many competitors for these type of business, so it is a very challenging task to getting high ranking as well as deliver more leads from these highly competitive market also tough. We are always preferring out of box thinking to fulfill our goal as well as require all our experience & expert to deliver the perfect service.


Many steps were taken simultaneously to move towards our goal:

  • Firstly, identify target audience to increase lead relevancy.
  • The precise choice of keywords to ensure relevancy of Search Ads.
  • Focus on Brand Awareness.
  • Optimizing Performance.
  • Use remarketing campaigns based on past behavior or search pattern of site visitors.


Hard work always gives successful results. Continuity of work, smart thinking to achieve goal & all the efforts taken our team makes us reach a proper success level. On a month-to-month basis, we satisfy SAPVITS & reach them in a standard level.

Performance Comparison

Traffic Improvement Chart

Traffic Improvement Chart


Using a strong marketing strategy, we are achieving a marketing success. End results are completely based on:

  • Higher traffic on a website.
  • Higher Lead Generation Ratio.
  • Many Keywords are ranking according to market search.