Connecting with Your Users!

Email marketing is a successful yet inexpensive type of direct marketing that enables us to connect a huge audience of easily sending email messages. These mainly contain promotional information regarding product or services including discount offers.


Email Marketing Services –

Allentics is the best SEO service provider company in India, that you get real value for your investment when you engage us to manage your Email campaign. Email marketing is a direct marketing of your business services through the use of electronic mails to attract customers towards the unique and best services of your company.
We have the encounters to target clients for specific promos and campaigns. Promote or share information, in any case, associated with your clients with this cost-effective medium.


Email Marketing Campaign –

  • Acquiring new client and enhance client retention
  • Increase your brand recognition and customer relations
  • Increase more leads and conversions
  • Associate with your target market all the time
  • Save your important time and money

Our Email Marketing Services –

  • Newsletter
  • Promotions & offers
  • Autoreply with clients
  • Personalized campaigns, based on loyalty or spend
  • Template Design
  • Compelling email content