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Content marketing act as a non-intrusive marketing technique that includes making content that is relevant to your business and customer also. Content marketing is about a forward-thinking vision – as the Internet ages, information becomes the prevalent and prominent source of value online.

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Create a compelling voice of your brand to drive engagement, sales & profit with content marketing services.

With Allentics, a leading content marketing agency, fuel your brand with a result-oriented approach of creating compelling content, publication to distribution across distinctive channels.

Expand your brand reach and products/services value with an end-to-end content marketing strategy prepared according to your requirements and budget. Our agency’s diverse content marketing strategies will help your enterprise achieve its desired objectives. Focus on social media channels, SEO, Email Marketing, Blog Creation, and other relevant content to engage, convert, and earn a great deal of revenue.

Simply leverage the power of written copies to take your business value and profit a few notches higher.

Content marketing builds trust for your customers and showcase your product much better.

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How we do Content Marketing?

We at Allentics follow below steps in creating a result oriented content marketing strategy and analysis.

  • Analyzing your current marketing content
  • Doing the competitor’s analysis
  • Performing top content keywords research
  • Compelling strategy to generate leads & increase sales

Content Marketing Strategy:

The initial step our content advertising office will take with your business is to create an extraordinary content technique. We will explore your purchaser's persona, and get familiar with your clients and. We'll likewise perform catchphrase research, to guarantee that your content is pertinent to your interest group, and that it can arrive at more expected clients. All of this will assist us with composing content that requests to them, and adds to your lead age endeavors. Likewise, our showcasing tacticians will foster a publication schedule that permits you to see what points we will expound on and when these web journals will be distributed. At last, prior to distributing any expectations, we will send all content to you ahead of time for you to endorse.

Content Development:

Our content Marketing Experts produces predictable and quality content that is expertly composed, altered, and distributed inside for your business. The content that we foster will be special to your business and distributed to your site. All of your site content should be distributed to a WordPress blog or comparative CMS. In the event that your content is facilitated on another site or specialist co-op, we can make a WordPress blog for yourself and add it to your site.

Content Distribution:

Our content showcasing administrations incorporate programmed dissemination of your content to online media stages, like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. For more vigorous content advancement and dispersion, we suggest utilizing a blend of our Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization like PPC as well as our Email Advertising campaigns. These increases will assist you with building a group of people to elevate your content to.

Content Marketing Reporting:

Our experts will send content advertising reports every month to breakdown the exhibition of our administrations. The principle measurements we see will be expanded site traffic and time-nearby for each new client. Other execution measurements we'll audit are profit from venture (ROI) and change rate.

Types of Content Marketing Services :

To improve your brand’s visibility, we use different types of content marketing:

  • Blog posts: With the blogs posts of your products you have a great chance to get visible to users searches easily.
  • Infographics for Social Media: Daily Social Media content need to be relevant to your product. This showcases your product and it’s features graphically.
  • Video Creation: People refer to visuals over actual words. Our expert’s designs engaging content for video creation.
  • SEO Copywriting: We use Search engine optimization strategies to write copy that will help grow website's search engine ranking.
  • EBooks: The more interest you can generate for your eBook, the better chance you have that others will link back to it and earn you that SEO credit
  • Influencer marketing: Our team of experts activity look into the process of using external content creators, or influencers, to create your brand awareness

If you are not sure about which Content Marketing type will generate good ROI for your business check it here.

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