How Does PPC impacts SEO?| Benefits from PPC to SEO

In many companies Digital marketing teams such as PPC (Pay-per-click) and SEO (Search engine optimization) work separately, which helps their organization to improve the profit. SEO helps to enhance the ranking of their website and brings traffic to the website through organic search and not from paid advertisement. Relevancy of any website can be enhanced through improvements in SEO which
will help to make your page more relevant to user. While PPC brings traffic through paid advertisement such as Google Ads. These ads appear near to the relevant searches on the website. Through these ads, marketers are targeting
specific keywords and paying to ensure their message and brand are seen before the organic search. Basically functionality of both these tools is different but final purpose is same. Now the question comes Does PPC helps SEO or Vis. a Vis.? The quick answer to this question is, it doesn’t directly, but it helps indirectly.

 There are various studies carried out which have shown that how SEO impacts on number of clicks PPC ads receive. It has been found out by the Google, the site which has strong organic search, increases their rate of per click for their PPC ads.
When SEO & PPC used both together it helps to increase in revenue. In some cases it is reverse also; paid search lifts the results of organic search. Let’s first clear about SEO and PPC separately. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing ranking of website in search engines by targeting keywords related to your services & products. This process includes modification of your title, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions, internal-external links, link building. This link building includes many activities like blog writing, classified ads, social bookmarking and many more. By using these processes your website will increase ranking in search engines organically.

PPC(Pay Per Click):

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click means as its name suggest, you have to pay only when you will get clicks on your website. PPC is one type of digital advertising, that can be performed on all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Social Media network channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. When you perform your ad it takes place on top of search engines before organic results. Whenever users search for keyword related to your services, he will see your ad on search engine result pages (SERPs). When user clicks on your ad he gets redirected to your website. This helps in get traffic on your website.

How PPC is Beneficial with SEO?

There are two cases that your business is doing good and ranking on #1 position in search engine result pages and second case is your business is small and still have not taken place on first page of search engine result pages. Now we will talk about first case. Suppose your website is ranking on top in search engine result pages. In this case you will think, what is need of paid ad? In such case, someone is doing paid ad for keywords of your services. When user will search for those keywords automatically he will click on paid ad. As like this you will lose your lead. In this case you are doing paid it will double benefit for you. Your website will give two results on top of ads and in organic search results. When user search for query he will click on your ad, this will convert into lead or in any case he goes down from Google ads to organic results your organic results will be on top and here users clicks on your website. As like this PPC gets benefited with SEO. Hence we will talk on second case, that suppose still your website is not ranking in search engine result pages. At this time it is important to get visible to your customers. When you will run paid ad for your service keywords users will click on your ad that get converted in leads and also increases in your website traffic helps to increase SEO ranking in SERPs. While using PPC ad you can analyze your searchers. In that you can find out for which keywords you are getting more clicks. These keywords you can then add in website SEO Meta keywords. So, when you use PPC along with SEO it affects positively indirectly. As we discussed above how PPC helps SEO to increase website ranking as well as to
 convert leads. If you are new to make your business plans, you can trust on us.

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