Allentics – A Reliable Partner for Offshore Projects

When hiring an offshore partner, the key factors are turnaround (development) time, cost effectiveness, and code quality.

Allentics implements communication and project management mechanisms distilled from our comprehensive experience with varied industry clients in different parts of the world.

Let’s look at our key differentiating experiences:

  1. You never lose visibility with our monthly &quarterly progress reports: Our engagement model is centered on client satisfaction. Every project we execute for a client (International or Indian) is governed by strict KPIs and reports are provided on monthly or quarterly basis depending on the project complexity. The client never loses control as the progress is always visible to them.

  1. We are flexible partners regardless of the contract structure: At Allentics, the focus is always the project. Regardless of how our contract is structured, whether we are at the helm executing a direct contract or working in partnership for another consulting firm, we will be available to coordinate remotely with onsite clients.

  1. We train to produce readily deployable project trainees:The goal of all our instructors is to offer a practical, comprehensive, and project-oriented training program whereby all trainees can be deployed on projects immediately after their training ends.For details on our corporate training services, please check out our training services page.

  1. We provide continuous monitoring through on-call executives:Along with advanced remote communication infrastructure,every offshore project team at Allentics also has an option for at least one on-call support executive so that you stay updated about the status of your systems.

  1. Leverage the Power of Offshoring:Since we work in a different time zone, your work won’t stop during off-work hours. You can potentially double the pace of your development as project members will also be working at offshore, in addition to the onsite project team.
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